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Restorative Dentistry Services

Dental Bridges

One of the worst side effects of missing teeth is an increased risk of gum disease. This trend can be minimized with a dental bridge, which is used to replace missing teeth. The bridge attaches artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth, called abutment teeth. At Advanced Dental Concepts we can help make this experience a pleasurable one.

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A fixed bridge involves the placement of crowns on the abutment teeth, or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. Dental bridges can be made using porcelain, gold, or a combination of these materials.

Fitting a dental bridge usually takes two appointments to complete. Dr. Jorgensen will first prepare the teeth on either side of the space by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin. A bridge must be constructed precisely to guarantee correct bite and to match the opposing teeth, so impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab. Between appointments, a temporary bridge will be provided to protect the teeth.

Crowns, which are cemented onto the natural teeth, provide support for the bridge. Fixed bridges are cemented to the natural teeth next to the space left by the missing tooth. A pontic (false tooth) replaces the lost tooth.

A strict regimen of brushing and flossing will keep the bridge and surrounding teeth clean. Good dental care of these teeth is critically important, as the bridge relies on the neighboring teeth for support.


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Using dentures to replace missing teeth is not only great for your oral health; it's a great way to look and feel younger! Today, there are a variety of natural-looking and comfortable dentures for patients who need to replace missing teeth. Made of a gum-colored plastic resin or acrylic base and either resin or porcelain replacement teeth, dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth. If you have several teeth or all teeth missing on the upper or lower jaw, full dentures may be your best option. Partial dentures, which can be either fixed or removable, are great for patients who have several missing teeth scattered along the upper or lower jaw.

The process of getting dentures may take a few months and several dental visits. In some cases, however, same-day dentures are also possible. With same-day dentures, the dentures are created right in the dentist's office instead of at an offsite laboratory. Same-day dentures aren't for everyone, though. If your dentures require a lot of customization, same-day dentures may not be right for you.

Just as with your natural teeth, dentures require daily maintenance. With regular wear and tear, your dentures can last 5-7 years. During that time, you may need periodic denture relines to accommodate changes in the contours of your mouth. Regular denture relines involve resurfacing the base to ensure that your dentures fit and function perfectly. If you break your dentures, it's critical to bring them to your dentist for professional denture repair. Home denture repair kits can cause more damage and be even more costly to fix.

Full Denture Procedure

Root Canal Therapy

No treatment can replace the benefits of a natural tooth. However, your tooth may need root canal (endodontic) treatment for it to remain a healthy part of your mouth.

A tooth is made of pulp (also known as nerve tissue) on the inside and enamel and dentin on the outside. A root canal is necessary when the pulp, the nerve inside the root, develops infection. The infection can have a variety of causes, including a crack in the tooth, repeated dental work, or deep decay. A tooth that has been injured may also sustain pulp damage even when there are no visible signs on the outside of the tooth. Without treatment, pulp infection can result in pain or lead to an abscess.

A root canal is a treatment that will save your damaged tooth. In this situation, a tooth is restored through removing the infected nerve tissue, treating any remaining infection, and filling the empty root canals with medicated dental materials. Antibiotic treatment may also be required in conjunction with root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy usually involves one office visit for Dr. Jorgensen to complete. Afterwards, it is essential that you return to have a crown or other restoration placed over the tooth to protect it. For the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive, but any pain can be relieved with over-the-counter or prescription medications as needed.

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Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

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At  Advanced Dental Concepts we make it easy to have the smile you’ve always wanted with our teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening, or “bleaching”, has  become a widely used and popular way to whiten smiles. Many people achieve the look they’ve been dreaming of with the simple “bleaching” procedure. We provide all services for you.
Teeth whitening is an inexpensive and safe procedure. Depending on your preference, you can lighten only your upper teeth or both the upper and lower.

We can whiten your teeth in about an hour with our chairside whitening services, or we will provide you with a special bleaching agent that you put into the clear trays, which removes stains from the enamel of your teeth. Once your teeth reach your preferred brightness, only occasional treatments are needed to maintain your new smile. Dr. Jorgensen offers Opalescence Whitening in office whitening and  take home kits.



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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Bonding is a resin that is used in the front or back teeth to restore decayed teeth, lighten stains, close minor gaps or correct crooked teeth. A tooth is prepared through light etching on its surface, and a bonding resin is placed on top. The tooth is bonded, sculpted, colored and shaped to improve your smile. Once cured with a high-intensity curing light, the surface is polished.

Tooth bonding is convenient and usually completed in one visit.  It can significantly improve the appearance of a single tooth or multiple teeth. Bonding typically lasts about five to ten years, or even longer before need of repair or replacement.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of the teeth. These thin pieces are bonded to the front of your teeth, and are generally used to improve the overall look of your teeth, especially if you have teeth that are uneven, chipped, stained or crooked. Ultra-thin porcelain veneers are virtually undetectable and highly resistant to stains from substances like coffee, tea, or tobacco.

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Lumineers® are a specific type of veneer produced by the DenMat studios in California.  Worldwide, they are perhaps the most popular type of veneer.  Dr. Jorgensen was personally trained by the inventor and founder of Lumineers®, Dr. Robert Ibsen, and is well qualified in their placement.

Veneers can be completed in about three dental visits, involving a consultation with Dr. Jorgensen as well as an impression of your teeth to send to the lab where your veneers will be made. The veneers will then be place and bonded to your teeth during the second visit.   Another follow up visit is usually needed to finish and adjust the veneers.   Dr. Jorgensen will ensure that your veneers are crafted from the highest quality porcelains and are bonded with the most advanced and proven materials available.

Veneers require the same type and amount of care as regular teeth. Brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, along with regularly scheduled trips to your dentist, will ensure a bright, healthy smile for years to come.

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CEREC® One Visit Crowns

CEREC one visit crowns

Restorative dental services, including chipped tooth repair, dental bonding, computer-created dental crowns made in a single visit using the CEREC® system, dental bridges, dentures, implant dentistry / dental implants,  surgery and tooth implants. Click here to learn more about CEREC® One Visit Crown services