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Jan 24

Achieving Confidence Through Better Smiles

Your smile may say volumes about how you really feel about yourself. In fact the simple act of shaping your mouth into a smile causes more blood flow to the brain and can increase you mood and even make you happier. When you smile, others around are also more apt to smile back at you, which not only increases how you feel, but how people perceive you as well. Here at Advanced Dental Concepts we’d like to take a moment to remind you why a having a bright,

Dec 27

Dental Needs In The New Year

As the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to remember to plan a visit to the dentist to make sure that your cleanings are scheduled and that any issues you may have put off are given their proper attention. Most dental professionals recommend you visit the dentist twice a year, and January is great time to call and get those appointments on your calendar. If you are smoker, have diabetes, gum disease, or large amounts of plaque build up, it is recommended to up the visits to

Nov 29

Tips For Healthy Teeth Over The Holidays

It is the season of holiday party after holiday party, of trips to see grandma and great uncles, and all the while you’re surrounded by legions and legions of tasty and delectable treats just begging to be tried. The holidays really are the sweetest time of year, starting with our national meal of Thanksgiving and not letting up until well after the New Year. All this constant snacking can lead to some painful effects on our teeth and oral health if we are not careful. All of us at

Oct 8

Toddlers and Teeth Care

We often forget that tooth care begins at an early age, but both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advise that parents should take their child to a dentist by time they turn one. In fact, the CDC published a report saying dental care costs were almost 40% lower over a five year period for children who received dental checkups by age one, then those who did not. Keeping the following tips in mind can be vital in helping your child have happy and

Sep 6

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

There are many ways to keep healthy, but taking care of your oral health is one of the most important. People often forget that oral diseases can affect other parts your body and visa versa. Vancouver, WA dentist Dr. Jack Jorgensen and his team at Advanced Dental Concepts are here as part of your whole health, to help prevent gum disease and keep your smile bright. Below, you can see how health problems can be related oral health. Dry Mouth and Sjögren’s Syndrome Around 4 million people in

Aug 13

Mouthguards For Fall Sports

Mouthguards should be on every parent’s back to school list if they have kids who play sports. As summer comes to an end and practices for sports like volleyball and football begin, Vancouver, WA dentist Dr. Jack Jorgensen and his team at Advanced Dental Concepts encourage patients to consider a mouth guard for children as they participate in sports! Basics About Mouthguards Mouthguards for sports are made of hard plastic or silicone that can be molded to your bite (using provided instructions). These U-shaped mouthguards generally are only

Jun 20

Top Four Excuses to Avoid Flossing Teeth

When we think of dental health, brushing our teeth is probably what comes to mind first. But General Dentist in Vancouver, Washington Dr. Jack Jorgensen and his team encourage their patients of all ages to floss teeth on a daily basis. Floss Teeth to Save Them While brushing our teeth is important, it’s essential to remember to floss teeth in order to preserve the health of your smile. When you neglect to floss teeth, about 50% of the plaque on the surfaces of your teeth is allowed to

Apr 24

How to Keep your Toothbrush Clean

Toothbrushes are a very important part of preventative dental care, and maintaining your overall dental health. While brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of dental hygiene, your toothbrush can be a host to a disturbing amount of microbial activity. To halt bacterial growth on your toothbrush, there are some simple preventative measures you can take. Keeping your toothbrush clean is a cheap and easy way to prevent infection, inflammation, and ultimately gum disease. The number one recommendation from the ADA regarding toothbrush maintenance, is

Mar 27

Study Finds Those who Treat Periodontal Disease Less Likely to Suffer from Other Health Problems

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” continues to ring true. A study by Cigna seems to indicate that those with treated periodontal disease, fair far better than their untreated counterparts when it comes to general health. It comes as no surprise that left untreated, gum disease can wreak havoc on one’s dental health. What is somewhat interesting, is the fact that untreated periodontal disease makes people more likely to have a stint in the hospital, more likely to have an ER

Dec 10

A Brief Look at the Surprisingly Advanced History of Dentistry

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we understand that many patients feel a little uneasy about the idea of visiting the dentist. But no matter how uncomfortable the idea of sitting in Dr. Jorgensen’s chair might make you feel, imagine what life would have been like if you had a toothache hundreds of years ago. When looking back on the history of dentistry, many patients may find a new appreciation for just how far the profession has come. The Early Days of Dentistry If you were a contestant on Jeopardy