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Feb 16

The Details About Dental Implants

Dental implants? This is an important tool for restoring a confident smile, healthy digestion, and even to prevent bone loss– but not everyone knows how dental implants work. At Advanced Dental Concepts, we have the best dental implants Vancouver has to offer. Let’s get down to the details about important treatment options. What they are Dental implants are posts that are surgically placed in the jaw bone and anchor replacement teeth. They are a valuable option for having a healthy, whole smile for some patients. Some situations in

Jan 27

Alzheimer’s and Inflammation

At Advanced Dental Concepts, your source for Vancouver dental care, we follow dental science closely. And we’re aware of an increasing body of scientific studies that link oral health to systemic health. One of the most interesting is the connection between Alzheimer’s disease and gum inflammation. Studies are ongoing, but there are several currently that suggest a very real connection between these two seemingly disparate health problems. The Glostrop Aging Study In 2010, researchers at New York University analyzed data from 152 participants in the Glostrop Aging Study–

Dec 19

This Holiday Season, Eat for Your Health

Somehow, another year has come and gone and we are already facing another holiday season. With it comes time with family, friends, parties, and…. lots of tempting food! This year, Dr. Jorgensen and the team at your Vancouver dental clinic encourage you to be choosy when you’re standing at the buffet table, plate in hand, with oodles of delectable cookies, pies, and other sundries at your fingertips. Think of it as a holiday present to your mouth! Here are some of our recommendations for a healthy holiday that

Sep 24

Watch Out For Sneaky Snacks

Our patients at Advanced Dental Concepts are always working hard to stay healthy by eating healthy foods; eating healthy is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. But sometimes it can be hard to tell just want is the best health option– and sometimes sugar can sneak up on you! Sugar is not as sweet as it sounds Sugar and high acid foods like soft drinks, and even citrus, can really harm your teeth. Acid eats away at your dental enamel, breaking down

Sep 11

It Takes All Kinds… of Teeth

As you may know, sharks don’t go to the dentist– in fact, we have not once seen a shark for an appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts. Why? Well, because in addition to the whole gills-in-air thing (not to mention sharks’ desperate ineptitude at driving and/or using mass transit–those fins were not made for handling small change!) sharks don’t need dentists! Chomp! You probably already know, instead of two sets of teeth for a life-time like us mammals, sharks have a boundless supply– in fact, they can make up

Jul 18

New Computational Method Sheds Light on Our Oral Bacteria

We all know that everyone has bacteria in our mouths– that’s why we brush our teeth, don’t kiss dogs, and are generally careful about objects that will or have touched our mouths. We know that some of these microbes cause cavities if unchecked, and some of them protect us from cavities– as part of our natural “bio flora.” Everyone at Advanced Dental Concepts just learned something new about oral bacteria– and Dr. Jorgensen would like to share it with you! Good witch, or bad witch? Dorothy had it

May 26

Spring Cleaning and Your Teeth

It’s spring at last, and we’re all dusting off our bikes, cleaning out our cupboards and watching our yards begin to bloom. The vibrant, fresh energy of spring is a reminder not only that your garden needs tending– your teeth need tending, too! Now is the perfect time to change out that old toothbrush and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jorgensen. As you probably know, oral health doesn’t just affect your smile; it is intrinsically linked to the health of your entire body. But do you know

Jan 24

Achieving Confidence Through Better Smiles

Your smile may say volumes about how you really feel about yourself. In fact the simple act of shaping your mouth into a smile causes more blood flow to the brain and can increase you mood and even make you happier. When you smile, others around are also more apt to smile back at you, which not only increases how you feel, but how people perceive you as well. Here at Advanced Dental Concepts we’d like to take a moment to remind you why a having a bright,

Dec 27

Dental Needs In The New Year

As the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to remember to plan a visit to the dentist to make sure that your cleanings are scheduled and that any issues you may have put off are given their proper attention. Most dental professionals recommend you visit the dentist twice a year, and January is great time to call and get those appointments on your calendar. If you are smoker, have diabetes, gum disease, or large amounts of plaque build up, it is recommended to up the visits to

Nov 29

Tips For Healthy Teeth Over The Holidays

It is the season of holiday party after holiday party, of trips to see grandma and great uncles, and all the while you’re surrounded by legions and legions of tasty and delectable treats just begging to be tried. The holidays really are the sweetest time of year, starting with our national meal of Thanksgiving and not letting up until well after the New Year. All this constant snacking can lead to some painful effects on our teeth and oral health if we are not careful. All of us at